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Monday, September 15, 2008

It's All In the Beholder's Eyes...

So my diet was going great until the last two weeks, while I have not gained any weight back, I don't think I have lost anymore fat. (I have gained a ton of muscle and the numbers on the scale went up even though I have lost an entire size in the past six weeks.) The scale is now put away!!! I have just hit my half-way point in this entire process and began to get complacent with my progress. I also think I needed to take a little break and now I am back in the saddle and ready to be diligent once again.
But the interesting part of this diet part so far has been my perception of myself and my body. And my goals... in the beginning my goal was to be skinny, like a was before the K came. But now I just want to be strong and buff and healthy- in whatever size is best for me, no matter what that weighs or looks like. I know how corny I sound! But I don't want Karissa to grow up thinking that she has to be skinny to feel good about herself like I did- I think that if she sees me love my body, and work out and eat healthy, hopefully that is what she will equate to being beautiful. Not the number on the tag of my pants or the one on the scale.
Junior league starts up again this week as well- I am definitely excited about the grown up girl aspect of this organization. But I am going to be super-aware of the materialistic aspect of being a woman in palm beach. I know that I got caught up in the clothes and the shoes etc. my first year and that is not going to happen this year. I would love to show these women how fabulous a chick can look rocking Old Navy and a hip pair of Target sunglasses... I'll let you know how this goes. :)

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Meagan said...

Congrats on your diet progress - you are doing great! Eating (for the most part) healthfully and staying in shape (for you as an individual) is what it is all about. I think you are going to set a great example for your little girl. And when you find great clothes at ON or Target, please fill me in! :)

Miss you!

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