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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Her Best Bud...

This picture is of Patrick's grandpa with Baby K and they are best buds. It was actually the night Grandpa Dempsey found out his only daughter had past away days before. It was a very sad situation and I had never met Patrick's aunt Belinda. She was a severe alcoholic who was an agoraphobic and been on oxygen for quite a long time. She a around 55 when she died and even her son didn't know until a couple days after she had been cremated. Do I accept that this could easily happen to my family? Absolutely- but I think that is why I am so grateful for the gospel. For the word of wisdom and eternals families specifically. What if this happened to me and I thought that this life was all there was? I can't imagine...
Grandpa Dempsey had also lulled Belinda to sleep in that same rocking chair. Patrick said that it was deeply moving to see them together; Baby K has an intense love for Grandpa and the way he sings to her. (I had stayed home to take a long bath and read.) It is amazing to see K with her grandparents and great-grandparents, when I didn't have either growing up. It is such a comfort that she will have them in her life since my mom is not able right now to be an active part of our family. I had always imagined that she would be here a lot to hold and take care of my kids the way she had with my nieces and nephews and now I am unsure that will ever happen but that's okay.
oh yeah, by the way- I lost three pounds last week and "Body for Life for Women" ROCKS! It was really pretty easy and I was never hungry and my milk supply went way up! I would highly suggest it for anybody, especially because it seems really sustainable and healthy for the long-term.

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